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About Leslie Pineapple

You just landed on all the available Leslie Pineapple GoT merchandise! YAY!

**Please note that this site and products available are not in any way affiliated or endorsed by the GoT brand.**

If we haven't already met yet, hi!

I'm Leslie (aka Leslie Pineapple and yes, that is my last name).

Sometime in September of 2021 a friend made a statement saying it'd be interesting for me to watch GoT since I'm a wholesome carebear and can never see a character as truly evil. I recorded my reactions and now there's thousands of you who now really enjoy watching them. It's been quite the ride and I'm so grateful for all the new friends!

These designs were created from some of the more popular quotes from the reaction videos.

All profit made from purchases go directly into my own cost of living expenses (rent, food, bills, etc), so from the bottom of my pineappley heart, thank you for all of your support.

Love you!

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